June 7th, 2018

The Law Offices of Steven J Eichberg

Westlake Village, California 91361

Dear Mr. Eichberg,

Steven I wanted to let you know that I appreciated your promptness and professionalism from start to finish on our lease.  You took the worry out of this tedious process and allowed me to put my energies and focus elsewhere on my project.

Thank you again and it was pleasure working with you.  Looking forward to the next lease now that I know it can actually be pain free.

Best regards,

David Nichols
Donut Bar Temecula

Dear Steve,
Thank you so much for your professional legal service for my commercial lease, representing the tenant. Owning a franchise business is a new endeavor for me and your professional advice and guidance throughout the entire process helped me tremendously. Your availability (pretty much at any day and hour, even when your daughter was hospitalized) is a demonstration of your commitment and professionalism. Your time in explaining the legal jargon and terms that I should request as a tenant (including things that even other lawyers may not even consider) are so much appreciated. With your guidance, I am very confident when I signed my lease! Lastly, I can’t believe the small flat fee you charge - your service was worth definitely beyond what you charged. Thank you!

Jennifer Le
Donut Bar Franchisee
Email: jennifer.le@donutbar.com
Website: www.donutbar.com

I just used Mr. Eichberg’s services for the first time to renegotiate my commercial lease. From the first moment we spoke, I was impressed with Mr. Eichberg’s knowledge and confidence pertaining to my upcoming negotiation.

This situation can be quite stressful for a small business owner, especially if you have a great retail location that you depend on for your livelihood. Mr. Eichberg was a very calming and reassuring presence and he gave me peace-of-mind throughout the entire process.

In the end, Mr. Eichberg saved me a lot of money, and helped me eliminate the Personal Guaranty my landlords were requesting. He also got me the Option to Renew that had been my goal from the beginning.

I couldn’t be happier with Mr. Eichberg’s services, and I know that when the time comes again, it will be great to have him in my corner.

Thanks, Steve!

Jarrod J. Perrott
FastFrame of LoDo

Dear Steven, I can’t thank you enough for your work on my first iLoveKickboxing.com lease. Not only were you efficient and quick to respond but you kept all parties focused on the key issues, thereby paving the path toward closure. Your knowledge of every type of clause in the lease as well, as your vast experience in negotiating an extraordinary amount of retail leases, was completely evident every step of the way. Aside from your expertise, it was very clear to me on multiple occasions that you had my best interests at heart. Long after I had paid your (very reasonable) flat fee, you kept fighting for me and wouldn’t let me agree to provisions that were not in my best interest - even though you were not being compensated for the extra time. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with you as my business continues to grow. All the best, Lauri Fischer, iLoveKickboxing.com Franchisee - Lauri Fischer, iLoveKickboxing.com Franchisee
We are new franchisees and are learning a lot as we delve deeper into the process. Commercial leases are new to us and frankly very confusing. You took charge of the lease review, went back and forth with edits several times and contacted the landlords lawyer to help bring everything together at the end. We can now begin our new endeavor thanks to all of your hard work. I truly do not know what we would have done without you. Thank you for everything! - Lisa Smith
Steven was invaluable in negotiating my very long, very difficult lease. Steven’s replies were always prompt and efficient to detail. He was always there whenever I had a question or concern. He handled ever situation in a very professional manner, yet very personable way. I always felt comfortable talking to him. He always had my best interest in mind and was willing to go the extra mile to make sure I got my due diligence. I felt like I had a very good friend representing me. Thank you, Steven all for your help and support during my lease negotiations. I truly appreciate all you have done to make a difficult transaction easier for me. I recommend Steven with the highest regard to anyone who needs a lease attorney. - Frances Allen, CKO EMERSON NJ
Steve, let me say job well done! I was not expecting the extraordinary service, quick turn around time, or seamless negotiation of my 1st CKO Kickboxing lease which you negotiated. I have heard stories about lawyers being busy, expensive, slow to respond, etc but you my friend changed all those preconceived notions about lawyers with your professional and prompt attention to my lease. You made me feel like I was your one and only client during this 36 day process. You always took my calls whenever I called no matter what time (with a 3 hour time difference between us), you worked late hours to review my lease and provided sound legal advice whenever I had questions about anything in the lease. You reassured me and reminded me to not be concerned or anxious, because you were working on my behalf to get me the best lease, and that I would get exactly what I want, (a sound lease) which I did. I so enjoyed working with you, that at times I forgot you were a lawyer doing work for me and saw you as a friend who really cared about me getting the best lease for my business. I appreciate every waking moment, thought, consideration and concern you put into negotiating my lease. So, when it was done I couldn’t believe it, because it seemed too easy. Your knowledge and experience is head and shoulders above the rest in this area of commercial real estate and franchisee lease negotiation. You were a joy to work with and I would recommend you to any and all of my future cko family but, CKO already beat me to the punch by bringing you into the family. You are a great asset to CKO Kickboxing. I look forward to working with you again when I open my 2nd CKO. - Trina, CEO CKO Kickboxing Buffalo, NY
We have worked with a variety of legal professionals at KMI over the years, but Steven is without doubt the best lease lawyer we have dealt with. Steven is a highly experienced and intelligent professional who bent over backwards to get the deal done. I would highly recommend his services to anyone. Patrick
Dear Steven, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge you and office in connection with providing us exceptional service in the review of our lease. You have made every effort in ensuring that the lease is fair and favorable to both parties involved. I must also highlight that whenever we have asked a question or needed any sort of information from you, you always responded rapidly, and in many instances communicated with us over weekends and holidays, which is above and beyond most other firms. As a CKO franchise owner it is refreshing to do business with people such as you who clearly values your clients as much as we value ours. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship as our business continues to grow, and review many more leases for us in the future. Sincerely, Aditya Shringarpure
Steven has been a great legal resource for my franchisee clients. His attention to detail and thorough review process, makes him a great asset to clients as they look at securing a lease. Not only is Steven thorough, he has the quickest turnaround of any legal counsel I've collaborated with in my tenure. Brett A. Madden
Mr. Eichberg has performed at the highest level for my commercial tenants, primarily franchisees of national brands. He knows commercial leases inside and out and where to be aggressive. Most of all, as a tenant rep broker, I greatly appreciate his responsiveness and work ethic. I receive e-mail from Steve as late as 4:00 am on many nights. He and his team turn comments around literally overnight and I've landed deals because of our ability to move quickly. The name of this game is quickness and accuracy which we hardly ever see from any attorney. That is until we teamed up and are amazed to get both from Mr. Eichberg. Best regards, Randall Dawson | Senior Associate CCP Real Estate Advisors
In my 20 year professional life, I have never met with a lawyer who provided me with extraordinary service like Steve Eichberg. Lawyer Steve, as I refer to him, specializes in negotiating leases for franchisees and he handled an out of state lease for me to start my new business in San Diego, CA. The day he got my lease we spoke, he reviewed my lease the same day and sent me a letter he proposed to send to the landlord with with about 50 comments on items he wanted to change in the lease as well as his own Addendum with around 30 additional items he wanted either to add or subtract. Once he got my approval to send his letter and Addendum to the landlord, which was the same day Steve, sent his changes to the landlord and completed the negotiations and the entire process in just four days. I couldn't believe I had a lease negotiated and signed in four days when my last one was literally close to a month and had hardly any changes. This was unheard of by any of the CKO Kickboxing franchisees or the CKO franchise company. Not only did he provide his service, he is also a great person to talk to and get advice from on any legal matter. Tell me another lawyer in this country that will give you his home phone number and tell you to call at any time. There is none like Steve. I am very grateful to have found him! Now all the CKO Kickboxing Franchisees are using Steve and I've heard they are all getting the same experience as me. Joseph Virga, CEO CKO Kickboxing Brooklyn NY and San Diego CA
Dear Steve: I just wanted to take some time of out my day and recognize the service you are offering our franchisees, along with FGP's comprehensive approach to real estate. I've been in franchising for a while and as a franchisor, you try your best to align and refer quality vendors. This is no easy task and we put our organizations reputation in the hands of others. While vendors are involved to perform a particular service, it's not that easy task to have them align with your culture. You've been a pleasure to deal with since day one and match our culture perfectly. Every one of our franchisees praises your service, appreciates your attention to detail and enjoys the working relationship you create. You are always going above and beyond and attack each detail with urgency. Thanks again and I'm glad you are a part of our process. Rich Rosso
I have used Mr. Eichberg twice now and would never think of taking our business elsewhere! I was refereed to Mr. Eichberg from a friend to help us review a commercial lease. Mr. Eichberg is the most time conscious, knowledgeable, thorough and patient lawyer I have ever worked with. He is extremely detailed oriented and takes the time to explain what he is doing and why. I was so impressed with his services that I have used him again to help negotiate a contract for a second business that I purchased. As a busy business owner, I have to make sure I have people in my corner that our fighting for me and doing so self-driven. I am pleased to say that, thanks to Mr. Eichberg I purchased the second business at a way better deal than I could of imagined! Besides from being an expert in his industry he is very personable and humble. I feel very privileged to have found him and will be using him for future endeavors. Thank you for everything! Melissa Duffield
"It is hard to sum up in words what an amazing lawyer Steven Eichberg is. Perhaps this is because his impact goes far beyond his job title. Steve is the utmost professional, immensely detail oriented and above all dedicated to the best needs for his clients. Steve helped us negotiate our long term commercial lease. From the minute we started the negotiations, Steve went above and beyond in every aspect. His expertise in every detail of the lease was critical to the success of our lease negotiations. He was available when we needed him, for more questions and clarifications than we could even count, and was always the calm in at sometimes emotional moments for us as new business owners. Looking back, there is no way we would ever not have used Steve as our lawyer for our commercial lease. His help, knowledge and outstanding customer service is THE REASON our lease is the way it is. In addition, upon completion of our lease sign, Steve is still there for us with questions and concerns. He treats you like a person ~ not a client sending a check. You HAVE to use Steve BEFORE you sign any lease. You will not be sorry. Any questions or additional information, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Steve Eichberg is a shining example of what a lawyer and business professional should be. Thank you Steve for absolutely EVERYTHING you did for us. We owe so much to you. We truly hope these words were able to do justice to how much you helped and continue to help us as business owners." Sincerely, Brenton & Bonnie Danieli CKO Kickboxing Santee
"Over the past decade I've had the good fortune to have Steve represent me in several matters related to my California commercial property holdings. Regardless of the nature of the legal matters that required me to retain Steve’s services, he was always ready for the task and I knew I could trust I was in very competent legal hands. He has my highest recommendation." Malcolm MacEwen
"Steven represented our company in the review and successful negotiations with our commercial lease franchise lease. This was our first experience with a commercial lease negotiation. Steven was excellent throughout the process, very responsive and clearly knows what he is doing. We were happy with our final lease contract. What is also worth mentioning, is that even after the signing of our lease, Steven went above and beyond his duty to help us with another matter that needed to be cleared up with our landlord, again successful with the outcome. Steven has a passion for his work that earned our trust and confidence. He is a pleasure to work with and we would NOT use any other attorney in future for such lease negotiations. We recommend Steven to anyone needing professional commercial lease representation. Daniela and I also wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and a great New Year. As our business continues we will again be in touch with you for your fine services. Yours sincerely," Daniela and Gavin
My name is Alison Cohen, Commercial Broker in Northern New Jersey. I was introduced to Steve Eichberg several years ago by a leading Franchisor and was told he was "the best" with great knowledge and understanding as a leading Franchise attorney. Not only is Steve Eichberg one of the best attorneys out there, he is extremely reasonable and his strong negotiating skills are truly an "art". I represent many national franchises out in New Jersey who are now mostly all clients of Mr. Eichberg's and could not be more satisfied!!!! "Kudos" to Steve Eichberg for his outstanding work and an attorney who truly cares about all his clients. Alison Cohen, BKR Retail, Fort Lee, NJ
As a new franchise owner with an urgent requirement to move to closure on a commercial lease, Steve Eichberg delivered exceptional results. He was very responsive to the draft lease terms that my landlord sent even in the middle of the holidays. Steve thoroughly reviewed the lease and crafted language that placed me in a much better tenant position. I found his services to be thorough and prompt and his demeanor friendly and professional and joy to work with. I would recommend Steve to anyone seeking expert help in the lease phase of a commercial transaction. David Robinson - Drug and Alcohol a testing lab owner, Boulder, Colorado.
In June of 2012 Steve Eichberg helped me buy out my real estate partner of 7 years. We owned income property together in Tennessee and South Carolina. My partner owed me a considerable amount of money and did not want to give up ownership. On top of that he was a lawyer! It was a hostile situation. Steve was thoughtful and professional and offered us both sound solutions. He was tough when needed and fought hard for my stake in the partnership. He was thorough and was able to negotiate a settlement that was much appreciated vs us going to court in an outside state. Thank you, Patti Schlee
"Steve has been a great asset to our family for many years. He successfully helped us through some of the most important transactions we have ever undertaken. From guiding us through the challenging negotiation and sale of a 30 year family business, to the drafting of well crafted leases for commercial/retail buildings. Steve effectively evened the playing field for us when other firms tried to throw their weight around, and all while working diligently towards a creative and advantageous outcome. We're lucky to have Steve on our side." Best, Alex
Sifting through an array of legal jargon to cull the big picture from the details, Steven Eichberg has provided a to-the-point focus and a client-centric approach. Thank you! - John S., Business Owner